Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of Undergraduate Program of Ocean Engineering is the embodiment of the previously established Graduate Profile.

Learning Outcomes of Undegraduate Program of Ocean Engineering are as follows.

A. To be able to understand theoretical concepts of engineering sciences including mathematics, natural and materials science needed in the field of ocean engineering.

B. To be able to work in team to apply the design engineering principles needed in the field of ocean including coastal and offshore building designs.

C. To be able to adapt to the latest technology in solving problems related to the field of ocean engineering.

D. To be able to master the concepts and principles of health and safety in the field of ocean engineering.

E. To be able to understand and apply academic values, norms and ethics, as well as the main tasks of the engineering profession.

F. To be able to apply the knowledge of ocean engineering in entrepreneurship.

G. To be able to master the concept of scientific writing in the form of writing and communication techniques


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