Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree

The Department of Ocean Engineering (DOE) is the Center of Excellence on Offshore and Coastal Engineering, both at national and ASEAN regional level. Department of Ocean Engineering is supported by Professional educators, including 5 Professors, 16 Doctors, and 9 Magister.
DOE has also obtained an “A” qualification from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) and recognized by Newcastle University, UK, as well as professional associations namely The Royal Institute of Naval Architecs (RINA) and The Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology ( IMAREST).

Courses for the Bachelor degree of the Department of Marine Engineering include both basic subjects and courses that focus on the area of expertise.

Field of Ocean Engineering:

  • Offshore Hydrodynamics: identification of behavior of fluid flow, analysis of dynamic responses of marine structures to excitation of wave forces and analysis of random ocean waves.
  • Offshore Structure: analysis and planning of the strength of marine structures, material strength analysis, reliability and risk analysis.
  • Ocean Energy and Environmental: identification of the condition of the marine environment in terms of oceanography and gelology, utilization of ocean waves and tides as a source of alternative energy to convert ocean heat energy, solving the problem of pollution of the marine environment
  • Coastal engineering and management: design of coastal structures and facilities, identification of behavior of seabed soil conditions, analysis of marine building foundations, design of platforms with concrete structures, management of coastal areas

Study the full course of the Marine Engineering Department in the 2014-2019 syllabus here.