Lecturers of System Development and Industrial Management Laboratory

System Development and Industrial Management Laboratory

No Full NameNPPNIDNExpertiseSinta LinkScopus Link
Ir. Lantip Trisunarno, M.T.1960102919920310020029106005Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Entrepreneurship, Service Management.
2.Dr. Ir. Bambang Syairudin, M.T.1963100819900210010008106307Industrial Engineering,
Industrial Management, Knowledge Management
3.Dr. Ir. Patdono Suwignyo, M.Eng., Sc.1958100719860110010007105808Strategic Performance Management
4.Dr. Ir. I Ketut Gunarta, M.T.1968021819930310020018026804Financial Modelling & Business Valuation, Managerial Accounting, Project Management
5.Ir. Ibnu Hisyam, M.T.1963081319900210010013086308Cost Accounting
6.Dr. Ir. Sri Gunani Partiwi, M.T.1966053119900220010031056603Macro Ergonomics,
Industrial Cluster
7.Naning Aranti Wessiani, S.T., M.M.1978020720031220010007027804Industrial Management
8.Maratus Sholihah, S.T., M.T1991201712038Product Service System, System Design
9.Atikah Aghdhi Pratiwi, S.T., M.T.19932019120720701109301Strategic Management and performance, and service management
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