Scoring 6 Goals, HMTI Wins IFC 2019

Tue, 30 Apr 2019
11:08 am

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The HMTI men’s futsal team won the IFC first place trophy

ITS Campus, ITS News – The men’s Futsal Team of the Industrial Engineering Student Association (HMTI) successfully completed the 2019 ITS Futsal Championship (IFC) by taking home the first title. HMTI came out as the winner after conquering the Mathematics Student Association (HIMATIKA) in the final which took place on Monday (15/4) at the Pertamina Gor Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS) with a score of 6-2.

The Head of the Industrial Engineering Department, Nurhadi Siswanto ST MSIE PhD said that the final match this time was very sportive and both sides had shown their best performance. “I feel great and salute because both teams can play sportsmanship,” he said proudly.

Nurhadi admitted that he was very pleased with the achievements of his outstanding students in the field of sports. “So far, I only know the achievements of Industrial Engineering students in the academic field, apparently beyond their expectations they also excel in sports such as futsal,” he explained.

Nurhadi said this victory was also supported by the department that provided sports facilities such as the field. This facility can be used together like a basketball court can also be used for futsal court. “I am grateful that the existing facilities can be used for training, so they can provide the best results,” he said.

In harmony with Nurhadi, the captain of the HMTI men’s futsal team, Ammar Lahji claimed his teammates had played very well and gave their best abilities. He continued, that in fact they were optimistic from the start they could win this IFC.

The HMTI men’s futsal team won the IFC first prize trophy along with the head of the Industrial Engineering department

“Because before IFC we won the futsal competition at the Faculty Olympic Game (FOG) and a week after the FOG we immediately played at IFC,” said the 2015 Department of Industrial Engineering student.

FOG itself is a sports party of students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) in which there is also a futsal competition. Ammar said that from this FOG helped to shape the mentality of players to meet IFC. “We also do routine exercises at least twice a week,” said the man from Surabaya.

Ammar hopes that the next-generation industrial engineering futsal team will be able to defend the title for the IFC 2020 later. “After this, two team members from the class of 2015 will indeed graduate, but we believe the vacancy will soon be replaced by newcomers from the 2019 class later,” concluded Ammar. (naj / qi)


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