Personal Information

Name : Ir. Zulkifli, M.Sc
NIDN : 0018115808
NIP : 195811181987011001
Position : Associate Professor
Email : zulab@ep.its.ac.id
Laboratory : Laboratory of Advanced Functional Materials
Personal Website :
Reserach Interest : Material Engineering
Research Page : Google Scholar | SINTA | Scopus
Curriculum Vitae :


  1. Teknik Fisika (Ir), ITS, Indonesia
  2. Teknik Elektro (M.Sc), ITB, Indonesia, 1989.
    “Desain dan pabrikasi pressure transducer piezoresistive”,
    Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Samaun Samadikun (Alm)

(Selected) Publications

  1. Kifli, Z., Absa, M., & Musyafa, A. (2017). Prediction of mechanical properties of light weight brick composition using artificial neural network on autoclaved aerated concreteAsian Journal of Applied Sciences5(3).
  2. Wiryawan, G. P. (2018, March). Optimization of thermal conductivity lightweight brick type AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) effect of Si & Ca composition by using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 997, No. 1, p. 012021). IOP Publishing.
  3. Musyafa, A., & Susatio, Y. (2014). Leakage Current Test at Household Refrigerator Type Urg-129 Base Standard Nasional Indonesia (Sni) 04-6292.2. 24-2001 For Safety EquipmentAsian journal of natural and applied sciences3(4), 23-34.
  4. Zulkifli, Z., Pratama, D. Y., Sawitri, D., & Darwito, P. A. (2016). Prediction of Ceramic’s Mechanical Properties Based on Sintering Temperature using Neural NetworkIPTEK Journal of Proceedings Series2(1).
  5. Abdullah, Z., Pratama, D. Y., Sawitri, D., & Risanti, D. D. (2015). The Application of Neural Network for Predicting Corrotion Rate in Metal Pipe InstallationIPTEK Journal of Proceedings Series1(1).

Teaching Courses

1 Rangkaian Listrik
(Electric Circuits)
2 Rekayasa Bahan
(Material Engineering)
3 Fisika Bahan
(Material Physics)
4 Fisika Kuantum
(Quantum Physics)
5 Elektronika

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