Agus Muhamad Hatta

Personal Information

Name : Agus Muhamad Hatta, S.T., M.Si, Ph.D
NIDN : 0002097802
NIP : 197809022003121002
Position : Associate Professor (Director of Science Techno Park – STP, ITS)
Email :
Laboratory : Laboratory of Photonics Engineering
Personal Website :
Reserach Interest : 1. Optical Fiber Sensing
2. Optical and Photonics Sensing
3. Integrated Optics
4. Quantum Optics
Research Page : Google Scholar | SINTA | Scopus | ResearchGate
Curriculum Vitae :


  1. Teknik Fisika (Sarjana Teknik – ST), Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia, 2002.
  2. Fisika (Magister Sains – M.Si), Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia, 2005.
  3. Photonics Research Centre (Ph.D), Technological University Dublin, Irlandia, 2010.

(Selected) Publications

  1. Wu, Q., Hatta, A. M., Wang, P., Semenova, Y., & Farrell, G. (2010). Use of a bent single SMS fiber structure for simultaneous measurement of displacement and temperature sensingIEEE Photonics Technology Letters23(2), 130-132.
  2. Hatta, A. M., Semenova, Y., Wu, Q., & Farrell, G. (2010). Strain sensor based on a pair of single-mode-multimode-single-mode fiber structures in a ratiometric power measurement schemeApplied Optics49(3), 536-541.
  3. Wu, Q., Semenova, Y., Wang, P., Hatta, A. M., & Farrell, G. (2011). Experimental demonstration of a simple displacement sensor based on a bent single-mode–multimode–single-mode fiber structureMeasurement Science and Technology22(2), 025203.
  4. Wu, Q., Hatta, A. M., Semenova, Y., & Farrell, G. (2009). Use of a single-multiple-single-mode fiber filter for interrogating fiber Bragg grating strain sensors with dynamic temperature compensationApplied Optics48(29), 5451-5458.
  5. Wu, Q., Semenova, Y., Hatta, A. M., Wang, P., & Farrell, G. (2010). Bent SMS fibre structure for temperature measurementElectronics letters46(16), 1129-1130.
  6. Hatta, A. M., Rajan, G., Semenova, Y., & Farrell, G. (2009). SMS fibre structure for temperature measurement using a simple intensity-based interrogation systemElectronics letters45(21), 1069-1071.
  7. Biyanto, T. R., Fibrianto, H. Y., Nugroho, G., Hatta, A. M., Listijorini, E., Budiati, T., & Huda, H. (2016, June). Duelist algorithm: an algorithm inspired by how duelist improve their capabilities in a duel. In International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (pp. 39-47). Springer, Cham.
  8. Marinah, M., Husna, N. A., Salam, H., & Hatta, A. M. (2021, April). Agricultural soil moisture sensor based on U-bend Plastic Optical Fibre (POF). In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 733, No. 1, p. 012025). IOP Publishing.
  9. Madurani, K.A., Suprapto, S., Syahputra, M.Y., Puspita, I., Masudi, A., Rizqi, H.D., Hatta, A.M., Juniastuti, J., Lusida, M.I. and Kurniawan, F., 2021. Recent Development of Detection Methods for Controlling COVID-19 OutbreakJournal of The Electrochemical Society168(3), p.037511.
  10. Agustiyanto Jr, F. R., Hatta Sr, A. M., Arifianto Sr, D., & Pikir Sr, B. S. (2021, March). Use of a singlemode multimode singlemode fiber structure for apex cardiography monitoring. In Fourth International Seminar on Photonics, Optics, and Its Applications (ISPhOA 2020) (Vol. 11789, p. 117890E). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

Teaching Courses

1 Optika
2 Teknik Optik
(Optical Engineering)
3 Sistem Fotonika
(Photonic Systems)
4 Sensor Fotonik
(Photonic Sensor)
5 Elektromagnetika

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