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Informatics Department Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) develops their students to fulfill informatics expertise needs. Students will get science and experience in computer and structured programming. In the undergraduate program, students can choose their focus, such as information system, software engineering, and computing. Students not only learn about science but also professional experience from the internship program.Informatics department has 30 lecture, with 6 doctoral and 24 masters as their qualification. Besides that, informatics department provides 5 laboratories to support the learning process, i.e programming, architecture and computer network, software engineering, information system and computing.Informatics always be the most favorite department each year in ITS. Prospective students reach more than 5000 students all over Indonesia that fight for 200 seats. So, this department also became the highest level of austerity departments, which is only 4% prospective students will be accepted. Students also produce innovations and get an award in the various competition, such as Student Performance in Information and Communication Technology (Gemastik), Imagine Cup, and international programming competition. In 2015, one of informatics department student succeeded to become 1st place in The Most Outstanding Student Nationally. In this digital era, informatics will be the most needed field in the world. Job application for informatics department graduates is a software engineer, IT consultant, web engineer, computer network engineering, programmer, and game developer. As a professional, informatics departments also work in educational, entrepreneurship and become a researcher.

Undergraduate Program This program will be done for four years with 144 credits. Students will be given a choice of elective courses to determine specialization. Informatics department offers eight expertise program , such as Computing and Vision Network (KCV), Network-Based Computing (KBJ), Software Engineering (RPL), Basic and Applied Computing (DTK), Architecture and Computer Networking (AJK), Algorithms and Programming (AP), Interaction, Graphics and Art (IGS), and Information Management (IM). Double Degree – Undergraduate Program This program provides for the informatics department undergraduate program and collaborates with The University of Queensland, University of Newcastle, dan Fontys University. Please see here for further information. International Undergraduate ProgramThe International Undergraduate Program (also known as IUP) is a bachelor program which implements English as the language of instruction. The program offers regular undergraduate curriculum and provides opportunities for students to take part in international activities in the form of Study excursion, Internship in an international or multinational company, Student exchange, Summer/short course, and Joint degree. Master Program This program offers three specialization program, such as Computing and Visualization Network, Networking Based Computation, and Software Engineering. This program will be run for two years. When students get into 2nd semester, they have to do a thesis as their research for problem-solving based on informatics and their expertise. Doctoral Program This program was open since 2011/2012.

As a role in informatics development, this department does some research and publication in an international journal. The expectation from this program, Informatics Department gives the innovative, excellent, and useful result.Informatics department also has research support laboratory, such as programming, Architecture and Computing Network, Net-Centric Computing, Software Engineering, Smart System, Postgraduate Workshop, Interaction, Graphics and Arts, Automation and Simulation, System Engineering based Knowledge.

Informatics department has a dual degree program as a collaboration with the University of Queensland, University of Newcastle, dan Fontys University. Scheme of the program will differ by each university. Now, Informatics department also has a collaboration with Kumamoto University – Jepang, Hiroshima University – Jepang, a master program with Fontys University – The Netherland, InHolland University – The Netherland, NTUST – Taiwan; also Research collaboration with Nokia and Indosat.

Informatics and Computer – Vocational Education (PIKTI)The program offers a one-year learning program. PIKTI will be taken for 2 semesters, and students will get practical guidance through the workshop. Other excellent facilities available in PIKTI are every student can follow Competency Certification Program free of charge for a certain competence, the certificate will be issued by National Agency for Certification of Profession (BNSP). This certification is useful for graduates of PIKTI ITS to get the legality of national competence recognition so as to compete in the world of work.

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