November 02, 2023 11:11

Socialization of How to Manage Taspen and PT. Bank Mandiri Taspen’s Products for Prospective Retirees

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Hello #SDMOFriends!

Retirement of duty is a definite thing and sometimes it is not easy for some civil servants to face without prior preparation. Retirement does not mean it will stop someone from continuing to work and innovate. As we often hear the term “Life begins at Forty”, it teaches us that a person’s life can begin when they are no longer young. This socialization is held so that prospective retirees can know the procedures, rights, and obligations that must be fulfilled as well as the management process at PT. Taspen. Apart from that, the training is also directed at fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in order to direct civil servants to self-empowerment after retirement.

This socialization of retired candidates was held on Tuesday, 31 October 2023 at 09.30 – 12.00 WIB which was attended by the Branch Manager of PT Taspen Surabaya, Head of Bank Mantap Branch Office, Head of KCP Rungkut Indogrosir and Tiki who also served as our external speaker, as well as dozens of candidates retirement in 2024 and 2025. There were several interesting materials presented including the PT Taspen Program, the Bank Mandiri Taspen Program, the Taspen Life Program, and material to foster an entrepreneurial spirit from Toko Mandiri Indogrosir and TIKI.

During the activity, participants were very enthusiastic and interested in listening to the material presented.

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