Financial Management Training for BPP ITS

Financial Management Training for Assistant Expenditure Treasurer (BPP) ITS is carried out by the Sub Directorate of Employee Planning and Development – Directorate of Human Resources and Organizations in collaboration with the Finance Bureau, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya.

Purpose of Activity

Aside from being one of the efforts to improve Tendik’s competence, this activity has the objectives:

Provide knowledge about government financial management and ITS PTNBH in accordance with the needs of the Assistant Expenditure Treasurer (BPP) to support his work duties.
Provide practical skills related to how to calculate taxes and financial sim applications according to the needs of the BPP to facilitate and facilitate completing work tasks.

Benefits of Activities
For ITS Education Staff (Tendik), this training is useful for:
Increasing knowledge about government financial management and PTNBH ITS correctly.
Improve practical skills how to calculate taxes, financial sim applications and financial management SOPs in the ITS environment to facilitate completing work tasks.

Execution time
This Financial Management Training has been carried out on:

Day / Date : Wednesday, Thursday, August 9-10 2017 and Tuesday, Wednesday, August 15-16 2017
Time : 08.00 – 16.00 WIB
Place : Auditorium Room, ITS Industrial Engineering Department

Activity Results

Participants in financial management training activities are all education staff who hold positions as Assistant Expenditure Treasurer (BPP) in the ITS environment with a total of 74 people.

The source of this training came from external and internal ITS, while the sources from external ITS included from the State Treasury Service Office (KPPN), Pratama Gubeng Tax Office, J Tanzil Public Accountant Office and ITS Tax Consultant, while internal speakers from the BPP at the ITS Finance Bureau .

1st day training

The first day training was opened directly by Mr. Prof. Ir. Arif Djunaidy, M.Sc. as Vice Chancellor III for Human Resources and Organizations.
On the first day the BPPs were asked to complete the pre test as a measure of the participants’ ability to the material to be delivered over the next four days. The material for the first day of session 1 on the Government Financial Management System was delivered by Mr. Raden Mas Soorjo Guritno as Head of Management Section of Internal Satker and Compliance and Mr. Sudarwiyanto as the executor of the Surabaya Treasury Service Office (KPPN).


Continued at the second session, the speaker came from the Finance Bureau by Mr. Agus Dwi Purwolastono as the Head of Treasury with the ITS Financial Management Regulation material at PTNBH.


Enthusiastic training participants when attending the first day of training

DSC_0239DSC_0313 DSC_0273


2nd day training

On the second day of training, the participants will learn about tax obligations for the government and ITS. For the second day there will be two speakers, the first session will be filled by Mr. R. Soehendro Dwitomo as the Head of Supervision and Consultation Section III and Mr. Hernawan as the Account Representative of the Supervision and Consultation Section III of the Pratama Surabaya Tax Office Gubeng.


Next session 2 was filled by Drs. Soedibjo, M.M as ITS tax consultant about PP 21/26 PPh, PPH Agency & VAT on submission of BKP / JKP.


Enthusiastic training participants when attending the second day of training



3rd day training

The third day of training, participants learned about the basics of accounting and the system of financial accountability at ITS. Session 1 material on the basics of accounting was filled by Mr. Iskandar Dzulqarnain, SE, Ak, CA, CPA from J Tanzil’s Public Accounting Office.

Next session 2 was filled by Ms. Ifa Nuraisyah, A.Md as Treasurer of Reception and Ms. Jabida Latuamury, SE as Treasurer of Central Assistant Expenditure from the Finance Bureau on Monitoring System for ITS Income and Virtual Account, Disbursement of BH BPPTN Funds and APBN-K, Disbursement of Salaries, MSEs, Lack of Salary, Overtime, Calculation of Income Tax 21 and ITS Invoice Issuance Mechanism for State-Owned Legal Entities.


Enthusiastic training participants when attending the third day of training



4th day training

The fourth day of training, participants learned about management systems and financial accountability in the ITS environment. Session 1 material about Disbursement of Funds in the ITS environment for each unit is filled by the Central Assistant Expenditures Treasurer.
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Next session 2 was filled by Ms. Amanda Widhesti, S.E. from the Accounting Bureau of Finance Team about tax liability on the Financial SIM, Reconciliation of MSEs Non PNBP Funds, BPPTNBH, and the Ministry of State Budget and their responsibilities, Recording of Fixed Assets and Inventories.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 2.21.48 AM

Enthusiastic training participants when attending the fourth day of training

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On the fourth day the participants were asked to complete the post test question to obtain an overview of the abilities achieved after the end of the training.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 2.21.49 AM(1)WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 2.21.49 AM(2)

From the results of the post test, it will be known who will be the best participants with the best post test scores and participants with the best score, along with the names of the BPP who received the award;

Participants with the best post test scores

Partinah, S.E. from the Department of Industrial Engineering
Nurina Ghassani, A.Md. from the Department of Geophysical Engineering

Participants with the best score

Sri Suyanti, A.Md from the Department of Physics
Nuniek Surti Lestri Rahayu Suryo from the Quality Assurance Office
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