Kunjungan ke Universitas Porto Oleh : Karina Pradinie Tucuan, ST, M.Eng

Sen, 08 Okt 2018
11:07 am
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Oleh : Admin-Perancanaan Wilayah Kota   |

Host Institution : University of Porto (Faculdade de Letras)

  • Discussion and welcoming from head of Department Sociology of Uporto

  • Academic activities that scholarship conducted in Porto documentation

  • Open seminar in “Ciudad, espacio público y creatividad

  • Cultural activities that scholarship involved in;

Camelia Festival in Palacio da Bolsa

Concert in Casa da Musica

  • Benefit of the Mobility:
    • Personal: personally I see my self improving in a lot of things, the perspective how I see the blended aspect of sociology and the urban planning can completing each other in the practices. Also I see my self learn multi cultural understanding in the Europe, I also received benefit in learning Portuguese and the University allow me to prepare my Doctorate proposal for my further study.
    • Home Institution: The home instituition will received benefit in ERASMUS PLUS program (Jean monnet) that we have plan to submit it in the next year (2018) and the joint publication between ITS and Uporto that will be published in the scopus index journal. The home institituon also received evaluation in the syllabus to mix match with the current Sociology subject in the world.
    • Host Institution: The host institution which already well manage can receive benefit from joint publication, joint citation in the scopus index journal and also publication of the institution as a further study university.

     Planning to apply the knowledge and experiences:

    • Disimenating the results and experiences in the Portoo to the other collague that facilitated by the Department in the home institution;
    • Conducting small comparison research in the creative public space (grafiti case) comparison between Surabaya and Porto;
    • Discussing the results of the syllabus, MoA and also the main findings in the research with the department and see how they can accommodate the results, like a cluster research in urban sociology, etc.

     Future cooperation activities planned with the host university:

    • Continuing and revising the draft of the journal for submitting in scopus index journal that maintenance between ITS and Uporto;

    Preparing the ERASMUS +  Jean Monnet scheme to inter cultural activities that aimed to compare between Europe and Indonesia in managing the public spaces under the umbrella of Sociology persepectives.


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