Preparation of Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) Report on the Progress of Research and Technology Funds BRIN and ITS Funds

Mon, 07 Feb 2022
6:21 pm

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In connection with the Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) of Research Progress Reports and Abmas for the Research and Technology BRIN Fund and ITS Funds for 2020, we hereby convey several things:

  1. Researcher/Servant of Research and Technology Fund of BRIN and ITS Fund to immediately complete and upload the following documents at ITS SIMPel before the Monev implementation period:
    – Complete progress report document with external attachments.
    – Daily progress log.
  2. Researcher / Researcher / BRIN Researcher Fund to re-examine the progress report document file that has been uploaded to SIMPel ITS, due to the problem of incomplete file contents from the download of the progress report on SIMLITABMAS.
  3. The Monev implementation is carried out online on 12-16 October 2020 based on documents uploaded to SIMPel ITS.
  4. Researchers/Servants who have not uploaded progress documents so they cannot be monitored and monitored, it will affect the disbursement of phase 2 funds.
    For your attention and cooperation we extend our thanks.

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