ITS Collaborates with the Ministry of SOEs and ITS IKA for Downstreaming of Technological Innovation Results

Wed, 22 Dec 2021
4:11 am

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Uta Nugraha, one of the team members, said that PLN BLITS Explore Indonesia is a trip around Indonesia that aims to introduce electric vehicles to the entire community.
In addition, this trip is also to test the resilience of electric cars in collaboration between Budi Luhur University and ITS. “With a total distance of approximately 15,000 km, Explore Indonesia is planned to be completed within 90-100 days, so that all provinces in Indonesia must be traversed,” he said.

There were four vehicles dispatched on this trip, consisting of a BLITS electric car, a Kasuari Hybrid Series car, and two supporting cars containing spare parts. The team itself consists of eight people with details of four students and four supporting mechanics. “Because this car product is indeed made by us, so we really need to know the results of this test,” said Uta.

This activity itself is fully supported by PLN, one of which is a car battery charging facility. Charging the car battery is carried out at the PLN office which is on the route traversed. In addition, the PLN Blits Explore Indonesia team also rested for approximately eight to ten hours. The journey will continue when the battery is fully charged.

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