Kampus Merdeka

Merdeka Belajar - Kampus Merdeka

Merdeka Belajar–Kampus Merdeka (MB–KM) is the program in which learning processes are held outside of students’ study programs both within ITS or outside of ITS (other universities). The learning programs on MB-KM consist of:

a. Learning in other Study Programs within ITS
b. Learning in same Study Programs outside of ITS
c. Learning in other Study Programs outside of ITS
d. Learning in non-university institutions

The scope of MB–KM activities consists of 8 (eight) learning activities which include:

a. Internship/Work Practice
b. Village Development/Thematic Student Study Service (KKN)
c. Student exchange
d. Humanitarian Project
e. Research
f. Entrepreneurship
g. Independent Study/Project
h. Teaching Assistance in Education Units

Village development/Thematic Student Study Service (KKN) and Humanitarian activities are accomplished through community service activities.

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