Lowongan PT Astra Graphia Information Technology

Rab, 01 Sep 2021
11:52 am
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ince 1983, AGIT has been part of PT Astra International Tbk Group. As a Digital Service Provider, AGIT has transformed its business not only focusing on providing ICT infrastructure and application related services, but more towards on what we called as a One-Stop-Solutions on Digital Services, both in on-premise and cloud infrastructure model. We bring the concept of digitize things (digitize everything), to help and to assist our customers in performing their digital transformation through the implementation on digital technology & digital solutions. We have four main pillars in our Digital Solution Portfolios that cover the entire journey required to conduct digital transformation starting from Digital Strategy, Digital ICT Foundation, Digital Platform, and Digital Services.

Currently we are looking for IT/Non IT support for placement in automotive company that located in North Jakarta. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply! Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


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