Prof. Dr. Mohammad Isa Irawan, MT

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Isa Irawan, MT

Ruang U.205 A – LAB Pembelajaran Mesin dan Big Data, Gedung U Lantai 2
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Research Interest

  • machine learning
  • data mining
  • decision sciences
  • bioinformatics.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Software Engineering & Interactive System Grroup, Department of Informatics, Venna University of Technology – Austria. Title of the thesis “A Framework for Multivariable Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks”. (September 1998).
  • Master of Engineering, Control System group, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty Graduate Studies, Institut Teknologi Bandung -Indonesia. Title of the thesis “Model Reference Adaptive System for Control Movement of Spacecraft Simulator”. (Maret 1994).
  • Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, University Airlangga – Indonesia. Title of the thesis “Inventory Control System Optimization Model for the Supply of raw materials for paper industry in PT Kertas Leces – Probolinggo “. (April 1988).

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Publications (Recent Journals and Conferences)

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