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Mon, 27 Dec 2021
11:20 am

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In the world of work, some training is needed to hone soft skills that can be applied in the future. One of the most important trainings is ISO training. ISO or The International Organization for Standardization is a non-governmental body consisting of more than 160 countries. ISO is responsible for developing standards for various industries that promote quality, safety and efficiency. In the future, companies that have received accreditation and certification from ISO will have the opportunity to compete in the global market, because they can guarantee the quality of their products.

Last (18/12), the Research & Professional Skill Development Department held Raining or RPSD in training. Raining is a form of training that will be a provision to enter the world of work. This training lasted for 2 consecutive days and raised ISO/IEC 17025 2017, ISO 9001 2015, and several other supporting materials.


Some of these materials were presented by SV Tokan, a Laboratory & Quality System Consultant who has 15 years of experience in laboratory management. All participants were very enthusiastic in participating in this training, some participants were quite active in discussions. This training is open to the public, so there are several participants who have experience in managing laboratories. Discussions between presenter and participants can provide quite a lot of knowledge that can be applied when entering the world of work later.

“This year’s Raining went quite smoothly, there were only a few obstacles in its preparation. However, it can be handled well,” said Adinda as the chief executive of Raining 2021. At the end of the event, the committee also provided a link to fill out feedback from participants and vendors. Adinda hopes that next year’s Raining will be better and the current lack of Raining will be a lesson for Raining in the future.

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