The Chemistry Department has three study programs. Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral Study Program. The Undergraduate Program is programmed for 8 semesters (144 credits). The Master Program is programmed for 4 semesters (36 credits) with areas of interest: Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry. The Doctoral Program is programmed for 6 semesters (42 credits).

Undergraduate students require to carry out final project research with 8 credits. Master students require to carry out pre-thesis (2 credits) and Thesis research (6 credits) while Doctoral students are require to carry out dissertation research with 28 credits that consist of Dissertation Proposal (4 credits) and Dissertation (24 credits). In addition to the Thesis, Master students also have to publish paper in nationally accredited scientific journals or have been accepted in international journals or reputable international seminars, while Doctoral students must publish at least one paper published in reputable international journals, or accepted in reputable international journals and one reputable international seminar.




Based on the survey results, the course materials delivery by the lecturer has been preformed well. Moreover, Chemistry department always make an improvement to improve this. For the Semester I 2022/2023, several improvement that has been done including: sent two of young lecturer follow the education training in August 2022, sent one young lecturer to follow English training and give the forum group discussion for all the chemistry department lecturer about the course module preparation.

Student Guide Book

Student Guide Book for Undergraduate

The student guidebook for undergraduate can be seen below or downloaded here

Appendix 1.4_Student Guidebook fix Undergrad

Student Guide Book for Master

Here is the guidebook for Postgraduate student (S2)


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