Overcoming Overthinking with SHC

Thu, 29 Jul 2021
2:39 pm

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The lecture period has ended, because this month the students have completed the final evaluation of the semester. Usually during holidays like this, students have many activities to hone their skills or experience. Not infrequently also students who go on vacation with a really vacation to rest the mind. There are even students who go on vacations filled with overthinking. What activities do you spend your holidays with?

On July 19, the HIMKA-ITS Student Welfare Department held a student hearing center (SHC) which facilitated ITS chemistry department students to complain. This SHC does not only answer academic problems, but those of you who have overthinking about finances and other student problems can also be shared. In this activity, students are required to fill out a form which will then be shared anonymously on the HIMKA-ITS social media page. The form distributed by Student Welfare is open for 2 days, namely 17-18 July 2021.

In this form, there are many questions regarding financial issues, namely the submission of UKT appeals. Student Welfare said that there was no need to worry too much about this, because later there would be a UKT post held by BEM ITS and HIMKA to help with this problem. In addition to answering financial and academic questions, Student Welfare also answers student complaints. They share tips on how to stay focused and not find it difficult to learn online. Some of the tips given are that we can make small notes for important things during class. We can also study with friends to discuss difficulties during class and teach practice questions together.

Students are very enthusiastic in participating in this activity, because SHC is very helpful in answering the overthinking experienced by students during the lecture period until entering this holiday period.

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