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Thu, 30 Sep 2021
9:31 pm

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When we are in the final year of college, we are often confused about which one to take as a final project. W e also being confused about the supervisor for the continuity of our final project. Actually, is there any information that can open our minds to determine the field for the final project?

Sinchem is here to overcome your doubts. There will be a lot of information related to the research of the lecturers according to their respective fields. You will no longer have to worry about choosing a supervisor. You can adjust it to your own passion. This Sinchem is one of the work programs from the HIMKA-ITS Student Welfare Department.  They several activity points, and one of them is the TA exhibition.

The TA exhibition itself has only been held since the odd graduation last April and will be held every semester. All graduates will be asked to submit their TA posters to be displayed at the exhibition. On (25/9), the Student Welfare Department held the second TA exhibition which was attended by 110 participants from various classes. In practice, this exhibition is divided into two, namely virtual exhibitions and sharing sessions. At the virtual exhibition, the student welfare party provides facilities in the form of a virtual exhibition through a website that can be accessed by everyone easily. All TA posters are beautifully arranged according to their respective field laboratories. Later, the exhibitors will give the favorite poster vote for each laboratory.

In the activity sharing session, each supervisor will be represented by one speaker. The participants will be divided into three breakout rooms containing speakers from five existing fields. The presenters will convey the content of the research they have done. Then they conduct a question and answer session with the participants. Here, participants can gain new insights to determine the direction to go.

“The TA exhibition went smoothly and the distribution of participants in the breakout room was also evenly distributed,” said Nia as the chief executive of this activity. This TA exhibition activity has quite a lot of enthusiasts, because it is a type of activity that can have a big impact on each participant. Hopefully in the future there will still be and offline TA exhibitions can be held.

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