Developing Self Potential with ITS HIMKA Staff School 2021

Thu, 27 May 2021
6:06 pm

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In becoming human, we have to develop many things to live a better life. Humans have a lot of potential in themselves that can be developed. On (22/5), the Department of Management and Controlling Organization HIMKA-ITS held a staff school which aims to develop the potential of the HIMKA 2021 staff. This staff school discusses public speaking and critical thinking presented by President of BEM UB 2018, Muhammad Nur Fauzan as the speaker.

In critical thinking material, Fauzan revealed that in sharpening critical thinking it depends on our habit patterns in absorbing and looking for information around us. Apart from critical thinking material, there was also public speaking material which was of great interest to the participants. In the material, there are various tips for improving public speaking skills and for preparing a presentation in front of a large crowd. Fauzan also added, “When you are dealing with many people, be confident and try to prepare solutions for the worst case in the presentation that will be carried out.” This staff school event ran quite smoothly and was exciting because the material presented was a skill that was indispensable for every student. Hopefully in the future there will be more staff schools with more interesting material and much needed by students who follow them.

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