Developing Interests and Talents with HC

Tue, 30 Nov 2021
7:36 pm

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Talent is a basic trait, intelligence, and innate nature that is bring from birth by every individual. While interest is the motivation that exists in each individual to develop their potential and talents. When you have talent and are accompanied by an interest in a particular field, you will get maximum results. So how do we develop the talents we already have?

At the beginning of this November, the HIMKA-ITS Interest and Talent Development Department held the HIMKA Championship activity. What exactly is this HC? The HIMKA Championship is an inter-generational competition event that covers the arts and sports/e-sports. Aspiration nets also carry out to all students regarding what would be contested in this HIMKA Championship. This activity is an annual event and 4 batches of students from the chemistry department who are still active are attend.

This competition is held for 2 weeks. The activities contested for the art category this year are poetry, photography, song covers, tiktok dance covers, and tiktok a day in a life as a chemistry student. While in the e-sports category there are PUBGM and Mobile Legends. For the assessment of the art category, it is determine by the number of likes on social media. However, the photography competition will be judge by members of the Public Media and Information. In the e-sports category, team play 3 times per game, and the winner is determine from the match.

“The HIMKA Championship activities are running smoothly. However, there are some obstacles in preparing it. With this online situation, many activities are difficult to do online. Especially for sports category competitions, it is quite difficult to find competitions that match the interests of HIMKA residents,” said Andriany as the person in charge of this HIMKA Championship. In the future, hopefully this activity can be carry out offline, variations in competitions can be develope, and are able to accommodate the interests and talents of HIMKA residents.

Aftermovie of HIMKA Championship activities can be accessed here.

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