Intro to Information Technology Departement

Tue, 04 Sep 2018
10:40 am

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The Information Technology Department is here to support two of the five leading ITS fields, namely ICT and robotics, as well as settlements. This department contributes to the development of science and technology for the welfare of society through education, research, community service and Information Technology-based management activities.

In undergoing lectures, students will be guided by qualified teachers. The number of teaching staff in the information technology department is 6 lecturers who have the qualifications of 2 people with S3 education and 4 people with S2 education. Teaching methods applied in this department continue to be developed such as Pekerti, Applied Approach (AA), English as Medium Instruction (EMI), and Problem Based Learning (PBL). The curriculum is always updated with reference to the latest curriculum in the field of Information Technology.

Learning in the Information Technology Department implements a Student-Centered Learning program that focuses on student activity through group discussion methods, group presentations, individual assignments and group assignments. Students will be given learning basic concepts of computing and mathematics, information technology principles, standards in information technology, processes of analysis, planning, management and evaluation related to information resources, general and special skills. Student learning is equipped with classroom facilities, libraries, supporting rooms and laboratories.

Job opportunities for information technology graduates are cyber security specialists, application security analysts, system integration specialists, cloud service developers and Internet Of Things specialists. The types of work in information technology include IT architecture (cloud services), IT support desk, network administration & systems administration, network security, database development & database administration, web development & web programming, computer operators, data network engineering, database administrators, security infrastructure and software, network & system technicians.


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