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  • Basic Scientific Writing Training of Information Technology Student

    Starting from 5th of October 2018, all ITS Information Technology Department students have participated in the Basic Scientific Writing

    20 Oct 2018
  • Benchmarking the Development and Implementation of Digital Learning (P3D) 2023, ITS Information Technology Department Ready to Collaborate with University of Andalas

    Surabaya, IT Journalistic — The ITS Information Technology Department was visited by a team of lecturers from the Department

    12 Oct 2023
  • ITS Information Technology Department Graduation Procession, 127th Graduation

    The November 18th Institute of Technology (ITS) again held a Graduation procession at the ITS Indoor Futsal Sports Building

    20 Mar 2023
  • Acara Syukuran Wisuda ITS Ke-126 di Departemen Teknologi Informasi

      Acara syukuran wisuda 126 telah berjalan dengan tertib, lancar, dengan juga menjalani taat prokes acara wisuda .

    30 Sep 2022
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