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    Academic interaction between lecturers and students

    The interaction between lecturers and students is realized through student academic advisory courses, research and society service (students are involved in lecturer research with relevant topics). The result is the academic final project and many ideas for student innovation competition.


    Academic interactions between students

    The interaction is realized through student organization, study club, student innovation team and courses assignments in groups. Furthermore, there is also some practicums in laboratory that requires team work to develop a good academic interactions. In the end, the students have responsibility to solve any problems together.


    Academic interactions between lecturers

    The interaction between lecturers is realized through the weekly meeting in department, yearly meeting, outing/outbond, research and society service. Weekly meetings are held every Tuesday. In this meeting, many things were discussed, i.e courses activities, updating curriculum, mechanism of examination, etc. Yearly meeting are held in the end of year. In this meeting, lecturers are discussed about the department project will be run for the next year. The lecturers interaction in research and society service is realized by establishing team work to finish this activity.



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