Office 365 for Students

What is ITS Office 365?
ITS provides facilities for all ITS students to get Office 365 services. Thus, all ITS students can use the latest version of Office software and other supporting software, both online and offline. Students can install this Office 365 product on 5 different devices.

Office 365 products that can be used by students include:
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PPT), the latest version for Windows and OS X / macOS (Offline) and activation
• The latest version of Microsoft Office Online.

Office online is the Office software that can be accessed online, both through the browser and mobile apps
• One Drive (a place to store and share files through Microsoft’s Cloud service) with a capacity of 1 TB
• Skype for business
• Mail Outlook
• Other products such as Yammer, social media to connect with all lecturers, employees, ITS students, Calendar, OneNote, Delve, etc.
• Power BI (Business Intelligence Tool)

Produk office 365 untuk mahasiswa


Office 365 products for students
Benefits of ITS Students using Office 365
• Get 1 Terabyte of file storage;
• Will always be able to access the latest version of Office (Word, Excel, PPT) online;
• Can download the latest version of Office offline on the office portal and activate it in an easy way;
• Can download other O365 products such as Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business etc. at the office portal;
• Facilitate collaboration between academics at ITS;
• Use Office legal products through Office activation;

How do you use Office365?
To be able to use O365, ITS students must first activate. The way to use Office365 is as follows.
1. Access the application page at ITS via: integra.its.ac.id/app.php
2. Activate Office365 by clicking “Visit” on the Office365 application
3. Login using integra username and password
4. Please wait for the authentication process. This process can take more than 30 minutes. You can close the page and do other activities. If within 1 day the authentication process is not finished (meaning that the synchronizing process is running long so you have not yet entered the Office portal) then contact DPTSI via email to dptsi@its.ac.id.
5. Re-access the “Office 365” application through integra.its.ac.id/app.php. If authentication is complete, you will be redirected to the Office365 portal.
6. Please use Office 365 products.

How to download the Latest Offline Office and Other Office 365 Products?
To be able to download the latest Office products, students must activate Office 365 through the integra.its.ac.id/app.php page first.

To be able to download and install Office products at ITS, make sure that your internet is without proxy. Click to: Internet access at ITS for how to access the internet at ITS which by default is without proxy. Click to: How to Set Up Proxy for steps to deactivate/enable internet access with a proxy. However, you do not have to be connected to the ITS network to be able to use Office 365.
After successfully entering the office portal, then click “Install Office 2016” -> Save File -> Run File. Furthermore, the installation process will be automatically carried out by your computer system.


klik install office 2016


Click “Install Office 2016”
By default if you click “Install Office 2016” then the product that will be installed on your laptop is:
• Word
• Excel
• Powerpoint
• OneNote
• Access
• Publisher
• Outlook
• Skype for Business
• OneDrive for Business
You can also choose “Other installs” to install other software.


Klik "Other Installs"


Click “Other Installs”


Jenis software pada "other installs"

Type of software on “other installs”

Does it have to be via integra ITS every time I want to access the Office365 portal?

To access the portal office, there are two ways. However, to use both of these methods, you must activate Office 365 (see the explanation above). How to access Office 365:
1. Via Integra ITS’s Single Sign-On (SSO) page, which is integra.its.ac.id/app.php and then clicks “Visit” Office 365
2. Login directly via http://portal.office.com to be able to use Office365 online. But of course, you will be asked about the username in Office 365 where you can only have this user if you have activated O365 through integra.its.ac.id.
To find out about your Office 365 user, you must enter the office portal via integra and click the person icon in the top right corner of the office portal.


Username dan password untuk akses portal Office 365 tanpa melalui integra


Username and password to access Office 365 portals without going through integra
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