Activating Windows for Lecturers & Staff with KMS

Activating Windows for Lecturers & Staff with KMS


This method of activation is only for ITS lecturers and employees. For Windows activation for students, please access through Microsoft Imagine.


ITS has a partnership with Microsoft. This type of collaboration between Microsoft and ITS in 2016 is the Campus and School Agreement + Microsoft Enrollment For Education Solution (CSA + EES) where all faculty members (lecturers and employees) will be given full licenses to use Windows and Office products (both desktop and online) . With this collaboration, the implication is that all students also get access for free to Windows and Microsoft software through Microsoft Imagine.

Every lecturer and employee has the right to activate the Windows operating system from all the devices they have, as long as the device supports the activities/work of lecturers and Tendik in ITS.

ITS Subscribed Windows & How to Download

There are various versions of Windows subscribed by ITS, namely:

Windows Education
Windows Enterprise
Windows Pro / Professional (for lecturers and students, it is recommended to use this version)
Windows Mobile Enterprise
Please access unduh.its.ac.id (the ITS Licensed Software portal) to be able to download Windows, Office and other licensed software.

The list of Microsoft software subscribed to ITS can be accessed on the “List of Microsoft Products for ITS” page (soon). Please contact DTSI if you need software that is on the list but not found on unduh.its.ac.id.

Steps for activating Windows Professional for lecturers & employees with KMS

Activation of Windows can be done manually by lecturers and employees themselves, without having to contact the software technician team at DTSI ITS. This is because Windows activation in ITS has used KMS (Key Management Service) that allows the lecturer/employee computer as a client to communicate with KMS hosted on the DTSI local server.

This activation step can be done to activate Windows 10, the Windows version under Windows 10 (Windows 8, Windows 7), Windows Server 2012 and below.

The activation steps are as follows:

(1) Go to the application portal at Integra via : integra.its.ac.id/app.php

(2) Click visit “Microsoft Product Activation”

(3) You will be redirected to the integra login page. Enter your username & password.

(4) You will then enter the “Windows ITS Activation Application” page. Select the activation menu according to your version of Windows.

If the steps are correct and there is no error, then your Windows should be activated.

Check activation status

To check the activation status, run slmgr.vbs / xpr in the command prompt.

You will then get information about the expiry date from activation. By default, activation of this KMS model will display expiry date 6 months after you activate. That is, the product will be active for 180 days.

Every week, the user’s machine will ask to connect to the local KMS server. If successful, it will reset the activation time to the next 180 days. Thus, before 180 days are over, the user is required to connect to the local KMS server by restarting the script above (in the activation step).

Found an error

If there is an error in activation, please contact DTSI via servicedesk.its.ac.id with the subject “Error activating windows with KMS”. It will be very helpful if you include a screenshot of the error experienced and include some information from the following running command prompt.

From the command prompt in directory C: \ WINDOWS \ system32:

Run slmgr.vbs -dli
Run net config wksta
Run ipconfig

Download the Windows Activation Guide with KMS (PDF)

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