Office Activation

Office 365 activation

After downloading Office 365 software on the Portal unduh.its.ac.id and installing it [Office 365 Installation Guide], then activating Office 365 software licenses needs to be Activated first

The following are Office 365 Activation steps

Open one of the Office 365 files, for example, MS. Word, then you will be asked to enter Office 365 Login
by using :
– Username: enter your Office 365 Username then click “NEXT”
– Password: enter your Office 365 Password or Integra Password and click “SIGN IN”


2. The “Updated Account” menu will appear, then click “OK”

3. On the “First Things first” menu, please click “Accept”

4. Next, to MS.Word open the menu “File” -> “Account”, if the “Product Information” like the display in the image, then the Activation process is successful

5. To find out the amount of software activation that we have done can be seen at portal.office.com
6. Then Login using your Office 365 login and Password Integra
7. Click on the picture “My Account” next to the top right corner and select the “View Account” menu

8. Select “Install Status” and click “Manage Install”

9. Next will appear the amount of software activation that has been done

10. Finish