September 22, 2020 11:09

A Guide to Alternate Email and Mobile Phone Verification for New Students

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The new school year has arrived for all ITS students. The initial stage as a student is to understand one of the applications that are often used daily, one of that is myITS.

As a new student, there are several things that must be done after receiving NRP and registration code. Do verification of Alternate Email and/or Phone Number at myITS Account (my.its.ac.id). On myITS settings menu, fill in the alternate email using non-ITS email. You can use Gmail, Yahoo, or others.

You can fill in either the Alternate Email or Phone Number, but it’s recommended to fill both. Alternate Email and Phone Number is useful when at any time you forget your myITS password. By forgets the password, the OTP code will be sent on your alternate email or phone number that you’ve already added.

To verify your alternate email and/or phone number, you need to first fill in the alternate email and/or phone number in my ITS account settings. After filling one/both of them, you can click the verify button next to it, and you will receive an Email Verification. Click Verify Email, and your Alternate Email will be verified. 

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