August 07, 2018 06:08

Office 365 Synchronization for Lecturers and Employees

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Office 365 Synchronization for Lecturers and Employees

Steps for Synchronization Office 365:

  1. Login to my.its.ac.id, select and click “Portal Office 365”.

  2. Click Refresh button until color indicator on table turns green. If it still red, click Refresh or R button repeatedly until it turns green. Then click Next button.
  3. Office 365 can be accessed.
  4. To use it, click Install Office, then select Office 365 apps.
  5. Wait until installation process finish.
  6. After installation process finish, open one of Office 365 application, for example: Microsoft Word.
  7. Click Sign in.
  8. Use your email ITS to Sign in, then click Next.
  9. Fill the Sign in column with email ITS and myITS password, then click Sign in.
  10. If the sign in is successed, your Office 365 application has already activated (follow this step to activate others Office 365 application).


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