Career Prospects

Be Creative

Freelance designer works without being bound to particular corporations. They work independently according to client’s need with flexible time frame.

Becoming a professional in graphic design which incorporate design elements (color, illustration, typography, etc.) according to the principles of design (balance, unity, etc.). Becoming a designer that is capable doing branding processes.

Specialized in advertisement and/or promoting a product to attract the targeted viewer

Creative industry in this modern era are in needs of a creative concept for a project. Designer needs to be sensitive in understanding the community’s psychological condition so that the design will be suitable and attractive to the target in question. All in all, designers need to understand the context and visual characteristic that are suitable for the project.

In this era, comic industry developed rapidly, so does in Indonesia. Becoming a comic artist might be suitable for you who enjoy reading and drawing as comic is a form of illustration, arranged into a story as whole.

Animator works to make an animation that are needed for movies, ads, up to console game

Storyboard directors have to oversee, to review and to revise the storyboard that are made beforehand by storyboard artist. They have to standardize the quality of the storyboard and check whether or not it’s consistent with the script

Photographer capture picture with light medium from the object using cameras or other photography tools.

In game making, Visual Communication Design’s student can work on the digital illustration making, animation, user interface up till programming.

UI designer have to adjust and design the interface of either web, smartphone app, or software interface. They have to prioritize the convenience and legibility to maximize user interaction.

Publisher can be inferred as a private-business or a company that publishes a printed copy of text that will be marketed later on. Whereas printing usually heard alongside publishing it is not necessarily the same thing. Printing company only print the published work that that has been selected by the publisher its self.

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