The proposal to change the family allowance of ITS employees can be submitted by all prospective permanent employees and permanent employees of ITS lecturers & education staff


  1. Applicants are Candidates for Permanent Employees and ITS Permanent Employees
  2. Upload a scanned Model C Form that has been signed, knowing the head of the work unit and being stamped by the service
  3. Upload scanned supporting files (KK, marriage certificate, child birth certificate)
  4. fill out the Model C form (typed and signed by the direct supervisor), PNS can be downloaded here and Non PNS can be downloaded here
  5. Fill out the online form on the link http://its.id/tunjangan

  System Mechanisms and Procedures


Information :

  1. The applicant accesses its.id/tunjangan and submits an application by filling in the data in the column provided, then downloading the model c form (application for change in allowance)
  2. The applicant fills out form c to sign, is known to the head of the work unit, and completes the required files
  3. The applicant uploads the model c form that has been filled in knowing the head of the work unit and is stamped with the service along with the files
  4. The applicant agrees to the statement that the file uploaded to the system is correct and submits
  5. The Integrated Service Center, SDMO Directorate, and Financial Bureau, Bureau monitor the application for change in allowances.
  6. The SDMO Directorate verifies the data, then validates the data that is correct and complete.
  7. The Finance Department processes applications that have been validated by the SDMO Directorate.
  8. After the allowance change process is complete, the Finance Bureau will change the status of the application to “completed”
  9. PLT staff inform the applicant that the proposal has been processed.
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