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Excellent Service and Character Building Training

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Revolution of Service Excellent 

Happiness at Work, Happiness with Team, Happiness with Customer


Author & business management expert, Ni Wayan Suwithi, excellent service is the best service provided by a company or institution to customers, both internal and external customers in accordance with applicable service procedures.

Khairul Maddy, in the Book of The Nature and Understanding of Excellent Service, Service Excellence is the best service provided to customers in meeting their expectations and needs.


Berikan Contoh SERVICE EXCELLENCE dalam kehidupan Sehari-Hari

  • Memberikan Sapa
  • Memberikan Saran terbaik
  • Mengucapkan Terimakasih
  • Memberikan bantuan
  • Mau Mengalah
  • Mendengarkan saat Orang Lain Berbicara
  • Menunjukkan Sesuatu yang Lebih Baik

In general, we can define Service Excellence as a Service Strategy according to SOPs with the aim of meeting customer expectations and needs

Why is Service Excellence Important?

  1. Because the essence of human creation is as a leader, as a leader, he always serves and asks to be served.
  2. Because humans are social beings who have an image (self & profession) that must be built

Service Excellence Goals

  • Generating Customer Trust & Satisfaction
  • Helping Customer Problems
  • Keeping Customers feeling prioritized & cared for
  • Improving the positive image of the Agency
  • Provide high quality service
  • Avoid unwanted demands on the Agency
  • Saving the best energy we can get when we need it

Download Spritual Service Excellence & Handling Complaint ITS (workshop).pdf

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