April 19, 2022 09:04

Neighbors’ Visits as an Event for Gathering and Enthusiasm for Higher Education Archive Managers

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On Monday, April 11, 2022, Multimedia Archives and Documentation were surprised by an impromptu visit from next door neighbors, namely the Surabaya State Shipping Polytechnic (PPNS) and the Surabaya State Electronics Polytechnic (PENS) with a total of 6 (six) archivists.

This visitation activity, of course, becomes a routine that must be prepared at any time by the Multimedia Archives and Documentation Unit, General Bureau and Bureaucratic Reform (BURB) ITS. In addition to friendly visits between units within the ITS environment, the ITS Archives also maintains friendly relations with surrounding institutions or between institutions in Indonesia.

The gathering group led by Mursiatin, S.Sos (PPNS) and Pindharwati Bandiannaningsih, S.Sos (PENS) this time is an effort to strengthen (previously it has been done virtually with old officials) to see firsthand the management of dynamic archives and static archives both in terms of management and supporting information systems on the ITS Campus.

The activity which began with a visit session in the active archives depot room and the financial archive depot provided a very good opening for PPNS and EEPIS agencies which are currently building archives.

In the discussion and at the same time sharing experiences carried out by Sri Lestari (Head of Administration and Secretariat Subdivision plus Head of Multimedia Archives and Documentation Subdivision) and colleagues, Muhammad Samsul Arifin (Network Installation Management Staff), Yulia Yasmin (ITS Archives Manager), Yudi Bahtiar (Network Manager) Archives) and Aang Rizaludin (Mailmail Manager), at least can provide reinforcement between archive managers, especially in preparing technical and archival management in universities.

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