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Friday, October 14, 2022 The BURB Integrated Service Center held an excellent service soft skills training with the theme Change of Service Mindset in the Digital Age at Samator Novotel Hotel & Resort Surabaya. This training was attended by the Head of Section, Head of Sub Division and administrative service staff from the management unit integrated with the Integrated Service Center, including the Directorate of Education, Faculty and SIMT.


The message conveyed by the Head of the Bureau of General Affairs and Bureaucratic Reform, namely Drs. Ec., Murtriyono, M.Si during his remarks and directions that smoothness in providing excellent service cannot be separated from the results of solid and complementary teamwork, which is like a restaurant where the Integrated Service Center is the waiter at the front while the management unit is the cook. If the taste of the food does not match the expectations of restaurant visitors, the one who has the impact of getting complaints is the waiter in front. This implies that communication, shared perceptions and synergy between teamwork need to be built properly so that the user’s desire to return to the restaurant can be done because they get very satisfying service.

In addition to teamwork, changing the service midset in the digital era is a very interesting theme because in the digital transformation period there is a need for cultural changes and new adaptations for service managers. According to Mr. Dian Saputra, S.T., M.T as the coach of Sinergi Corpora Indonesia, sharing his knowledge that everything new needs adaptation even though it feels uncomfortable at first but due to the increasing needs of users demanding fast, precise, effective and efficient services, we must be able to changed. Give an example of a case such as Nokia which has been left behind unconsciously by the increasing number of competitors in the field of communication products. Participants get many benefits from the results of the training with the hope that after receiving the training, productivity will increase and synergize to provide the best service for customers.


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