November 18, 2021 09:11

Assistance of the Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations – Kemendikbudristek to the ITS Integrated Service Center

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The visit of the Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations (BKHM) of the Ministry of Education and Culture to the Integrated Service Center (PLT) is assistance in the context of improving public services, especially in universities, which will be held on November 9, 2021. In addition, this relaxed discussion aims to monitor and evaluate the results of filling out the service performance assessment form. PLT ITS public to BKHM. The explanation of the PLT work program was delivered by the Head of the General Bureau and Bureaucratic Reform by Drs. Ec. Murtriyono, M.Si to the BKHM team where the PLT work program synergizes with the performance of the ITS Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID).

Mr. RM. Sigid Nurkusumo as the Young Expert Public Relations Officer at BKHM said that the one-stop integrated service system is how to combine several types of services to provide integrated services in a single process starting from the application stage to the completion stage of service products in one door. His views on PLT ITS services both in terms of public service standards, facilities and infrastructure, as well as the innovations developed by MyITSServices are in accordance with Law no. 25 of 2009 and Government Regulation no. 96 of 2012 concerning Public Services. Notes from the results of the discussion that it is necessary to pay attention to public service providers how to manage and resolve complaints from users to be used as evaluation material in consistently improving services.






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