October 29, 2021 10:10

Assistance in the Utilization of Mailing Information Systems – myITSoffice

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In an effort to improve the quality and effectiveness of employees in the field of digital administration, the Bureau of General Affairs and Bureaucratic Reform (BURB) and the Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering (FTIRS) held an event for Assistance in the Utilization of the Mailing Information System – myITSoffice in the FTIRS environment, on Friday, October 29 2021.

This event was opened by the Dean of FTIRS, Dr. Wawan Aries Widodo, S.T., M.T. and the Head of BURB, Drs. Ec. Murtriyono, Msi., was also attended by the Deputy Deans, Heads of Sections, Heads of Departments, Department Secretaries, Heads of Subdivisions and TU Operators of Correspondence within FTIRS.

Sas the initial material, Mrs. Ir Ucik Maharani, MT, the Head of the Reform and Bureaucratic Implementation Section, gave an explanation of the management of correspondence in the ITS environment, which was conveyed by, as an effort to refresh the participants regarding good and correct letter management procedures. The hope is that participants will get the right and up-to-date insight.

Meanwhile, to accelerate the implementation of the use of the electronic mail information system (myITSoffice) in the FTIRS environment, the second material was also delivered by Mrs. Sri Lestari, S.ST, Head of the Administration and Secretariat Subdivision.

The discussion session took place very enthusiastically, because the use of electronic mail in the FTIRS-ITS environment was very diverse in terms of the implementation process in each department under the faculty. Therefore, in this discussion, the emphasis was on efforts to agree, standardize in the management and distribution of correspondence, authority, correspondence flow and trouble shooting the use of myITSoffice have been thoroughly discussed through this event.

This assistance is carried out as an effort to accelerate the distribution process and support transformation in the field of digital administration within the ITS environment.


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