Jurnal Ilmiah

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Open Access Journal of Information System (OAJIS)

Journal Of Information System (OAJIS) is an open access publication repository covering international conference proceedings, national seminar proceedings, and institutional journal.

Open Link : http://is.its.ac.id/pubs/oajisccess

Jurnal SISFO

Jurnal SISFO is an academic journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in information systems (IS) discipline. It aims to provide an opportunity for IS researchers to publishing their original works openly and conveniently while complying with scientific review process as an open access journal. Jurnal SISFO issues twice a year in March and September. We open for paper submission through all the year. Additionally, a special issue is available to promote a wide range of specific topics in IS discipline. We conduct a blind review process with two independent reviewers in order to maintain the quality of the papers.

Open Link : http://jurnalsisfo.is.its.ac.id/web/