Greeting From Head of Department

Dr. Soehardjupri, M.Si

Assalamualaikum wr.wb.,

Opening of the Actuarial Department at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Science Data (FMKSD) The Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) is a necessity and is an integrated part of ITS’s strategic plan. ITS as a dynamic university provides space for the opening of a new department to be able to contribute to the latest national problems, with reference to the applicable rules.

The existence of the Actuarial Department of Institutions either directly or indirectly is expected to strengthen the academic atmosphere for education in ITS. This Actuarial Department will support efforts to achieve the ITS mission. The benefits of establishing an Actuarial Department are:

For Institutions: Increasing the credibility of ITS at national and international levels in producing reliable and independent researchers, especially in the fields of disaster, marine and sharia insurance.
For the Community: Helping people understand the importance of actuarial insurance / science in life.
For Nation and Country: Produce actuarial resources / experts who are competent in the field of disaster, marine and sharia insurance.
The need for actuarial experts in Indonesia is very urgent. At present the statistics show that the growth of annual premium income in the life insurance industry and the general insurance industry in Indonesia ranges from 20-30%, which is relatively small compared to the level achieved by several ASEAN member countries. This indicates a huge potential for future growth and has attracted a lot of interest from investors from outside Indonesia to invest in the insurance industry in Indonesia. This fact has resulted in the increasing need for actuarial experts in Indonesia in the future.

The ITS Actuarial Department offers a curriculum that is different from the others and provides areas of interest that will become special competencies, namely:

Disaster Field
The field of disaster will study the problem of disaster insurance which is very suitable to be applied in Indonesia, considering that Indonesia has a potential typology prone to disasters.
Marine Field
Indonesia as a maritime country will need marine insurance as a support for the utilization of marine potential programs.
Sharia Field
The Sharia sector will study the issue of sharia insurance which is very useful considering that many companies apply sharia in its implementation. At the same time the large population of Indonesia with a majority of Muslims brings the consequences of the potential for large sharia products, especially in the insurance and other financial industries.
These three special fields offered are hallmarks and are the hallmark of the FMKSD-ITS Actuarial Department. FMKSD-ITS Actuarial Department graduates can take part in the Financial Industry (such as insurance companies as Actuarial Analysts, Appointed Actuary and Chief Actuary, banks, investment, pension fund managers ), Government Institutions (such as OJK, BPJS and others), Universities, Consultant Firms, BUMNs and in private companies.

The Actuarial Department of FMKSD-ITS strives continuously to make a real contribution to the progress and independence of the Indonesian nation towards an increasingly prosperous and dignified Indonesia. May Allah Ta’ala always provide His protection, guidance and blessings, aamiin.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Head of the FMKSD-ITS Actuarial Department



Dr. Soehardjoepri, M.Si