Vision and Mission


Civil Engineering Department became the Centre of reference (Resource Center) in Indonesian Civil Engineering which support the development of the marine industry and environmentally.


  1. Organized education of civil engineering to produce graduates who are professional and capable of working in global competition.
  2. Be a pioneer in the development of science in civil engineering in Indonesia.
  3. Become the center of community consultation on the subject of civil engineering in Indonesia.
  4. Cultivate and maintain the moral and academic ethics.


  1. Generate a Bachelor who are able to work together in a team to perform the design of civil engineering infrastructures that are environmentally.
  2. Generate a Bachelor who had a knowledge of building supervision-implementation of civil engineering and entrepreneurship that is creative, innovative, and has enough stock to develop themselves with the principle of lifelong learning.

The Goals achievement and Strategies

Undergraduate courses in civil engineering department ITS planning, management and oversight to the overall process of academic and non-academic in the study program. The management process is conducted by observing the principles principles of good governance, accountability and management standards adapted to ISO yg has been developed and implemented since the year 2007.

“Focus to customers ” is the desire of the Department since its inception. Therefore the need of continuous customers became a major concern. The Department realize the quality is something that should be enhanced and maintained, one of which is the quality of graduates and the quality of the cooperation partnership in building good networking with the private agencies, government agencies or universities/ domestic and foreign institutions. Goals and strategies of the achievement of program objectives quality pour in Department of civil engineering.

Achievement of the targets of this quality funded by commissions that monitored directly by the Management Representative and in the audit by the internal audit and external audit. Each semester the achievement of quality objectives is evaluated and updated.