Show time!

No worries! Students graduating from the Department of Ocean Engineering (DOE) ITS have the opportunity to pursue careers in either companies or entrepreneurship. Belows are some examples of employment opportunities for DOE alumni:

A project engineer in charge of planning time, implementation and forecast resources and other technical activities related to the project.

An ocean engineering alumni can contribute to a project as a design engineer especially those related to construction.

The alumni of Department of Ocean Engineering can become a professional who has expertise especially in the fields of coastal, offshore, energy and hydrodynamics and can provide his views to solve various problems in the field of marine engineering.

Graduates of the Department of Ocean Engineering can be a marine surveyor.

The field of ocean engineering is a very broad and fertile research field. Research in the field of ocean engineering continues to increase every year and there are still very many opportunities to expand and deepen knowledge considering that 70% of the earth is the sea.

The need for knowledge in ocean engineering is enormous considering the extent of employment and research opportunities. Department of Ocean Engineering alumni can continue to contribute their knowledge through the world of education, both formal and informal education such as training etc.