Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
May 08, 2024 10:05

ITS Program in Dedicating Environment Aspect

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A total of 61 participants participated in the program. Participants from both online and offline showcased their creativity and gardening skills by developing various types of herbal plants. The program not only promoted sustainable urban agriculture but also fostered community engagement and knowledge-sharing among participants. Participants are required to grow their plants without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

Every Friday morning lecturers, staff, and students dedicate a two-hour session, focusing on training in Carbon Neutrality, Ecosystems, Biodiversity, and Environmental Sustainability, a collective effort toward world class university.

In each training session, spanning two hours, participants engage both online and offline, contributing to a monthly commitment of 8-10 hours towards their continuous learning.

Day: Every Friday

Time: 8-10 am

Place: Urban Farming ITS

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