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Sustainable Development Goals
July 28, 2023 07:07

Student Dormitory for ITS Students

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One of the efforts taken is the provision of a new dormitory building unit in the form of a rental flat (rusunawa). This building was built based on the MoU with The Ministry of Education and Culture and Presidential Regulation number 55 of 2017. The presence of the building built by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing as part of the work program for the construction of flats for students or workers. 

This flat was built on an area of 4,150 square meters as high as four floors. The building has 50 residential units with a capacity of four people per unit equipped with an outside bathroom and a security system in the form of CCTV on each floor. The building is also equipped with two disabled type units with a capacity of two students per unit. In the future, the Ministry of PUPR will hand over the utilization and management of these assets to ITS. 

The construction of a dormitory with the concept of flats can be a learning tool for ITS students to organize, communicate, and coordinate with fellow students in the first year. This provision, according to him, will be useful when students have to go into the community. He added that it is necessary to ensure that students who live in the building come from the right circles because the relatively cheap rental price makes this building very open to low-income groups, especially disabilities or underpriviledged  students.

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