Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
July 28, 2023 07:07

Sinau Bareng Composed by ITS Students

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Supporting and educating individuals is of the greatest significance since it paves the way for individual development, societal advancement, and the development of civilization. With the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities that education bestows, people are empowered to lead fulfilling lives and make wise decisions. By putting money into education, we cultivate a more informed and involved populace, encouraging the ingenuity, creativity, and problem-solving skills that lead to beneficial change in a variety of areas of life. Additionally, education fosters tolerance, empathy, and understanding, overcoming cultural gaps and fostering social cohesiveness. Human potential can be unlocked via education, opening the door to a better, more affluent future for people, communities, and the entire globe.

ITS through Sinau Bareng help low income students to get better education with teaching them with fun. Almost all of students excited to join and being teach by ITS students because they can get teaching from expert and also for free. In this class students will learn about math, sciences, literacy, etc. Not only teaching ITS students also create game that challenge their collaboration and cognitive with other members.

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