Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
July 28, 2023 03:07

ITS Developed Braille Printer for Blind People

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It is crucial to support blind persons who use Braille since it is a potent tool for promoting independence, equality, and inclusion. With the use of Braille, a tactile writing system, people with vision impairments may read, write, and communicate successfully, giving them the freedom to take part fully in social interactions, work opportunities, and education. By embracing Braille, we close the gap between sighted and visually impaired people, ensuring equal access to opportunities and information, and reaffirming everyone’s fundamental right to live a life that is both rewarding and self-determined.

Workshop on Using Braille Embosser and Text Editor Software for the Blind and Visual Impairment Student program is a commitment built by ITS in supporting children with special needs such as blindness. ITS has been developing this braille printer since 2012 by developing a braille printing machine from Norway. Until now ITS has been able to fully produce its own braille printer prototype with a printing capacity of 400 characters per second.

One of the obstacles in making a prototype of a braille printing machine is the price of machine components that cannot be considered cheap. In making one prototype of braille printing machine, it can spend approximately Rp 500 million. From five braille printing machine prototypes that ITS has successfully made, three of them have been given to Special Need Student Schools in Ambon, Jayapura and Pangkal Pinang. The funding comes from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Directorate of Special Education and Special Services program since 2012.

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