Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
December 28, 2022 08:12

ITS Aims to Ensure Water Security in Pacitan and Mojokerto Regencies Through The Desa Emas

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Offering educational opportunities for local communities to learn about good water management is a proactive and community-centered approach with a broad impact. Knowledge of responsible water consumption, conservation, and pollution avoidance empowers individuals and communities to make informed decisions and take action to protect local water resources. These educational activities not only empower residents but also foster a common feeling of environmental responsibility. Institutions and organizations contribute to the resilience and well-being of local people, as well as the sustainable use of this important resource, by raising knowledge and understanding of effective water management strategies.

The process of building clean water facilities in Desa Emas Pacitan Regency

The Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Community Service Real Work Lecture Team (KKN Abmas) assists in the construction of villages, particularly clean water infrastructure to ensure water security. In Pacitan Regency, KKN Abmas activities are carried out in collaboration with the local government. KKN Abmas provides clean water facilities and water management education. The construction of clean water facilities was carried out at 20 points in 10 villages in Pacitan Regency. This activity is part of Pacitan Regency’s Desa Emas program. Bandar Village, Petung Sinarang Village, Kasihan Village, Ploso Village, Nawangan Village, Baru Village, Penggung Village, Sempu Village, Sudimoro Village, and Kalikuning Village are all part of the Pacitan Desa Emas Program.

Water management education for local resident in Pacitan Regency

The design of clean water facilities and budget projections have been discussed by KKN Abmas students and people who live there. KKN Abmas students conducted surveys of residents’ clean water needs, spring water source surveys, and focus groups discussion on planning residents’ clean water facilities. KKN students and local residents are involved in all of these processes. This facility makes it easier for locals to obtain clean water for washing, bathing, and cooking.

Mojokerto Regency is the second location for Abmas KKN activity. KKN Abmas worked with locals to build clean water facilities as part of the Desa Emas of Mojokerto Regency. Clean water facilities were built in five locations throughout three villages. They are Lakardowo Village in Jetis District, Madureso Village in Dawarblandong District, and Gunungsari Village in Dawarblandong District. The improvement is intended to protect and maintain the Punden spring water source, which was previously the only supply of water for residents. Punden water supplies are currently used to meet the demands of mosques and residents. Abmas KKN students conducted surveys of residents’ clean water demands, spring water source surveys, and focus groups on planning residents’ clean water facilities. 

ITS Team discussion with residents in the Punden water source of Gunungsari Village

PIC ITS Desa Emas Mojokerto, Dr. Ir. Eko Budi Santoso, claimed that clean water facility building could be finished successfully. Particularly for the installation of pump power lines in Gunungsari Village. The residents’ springs are fed by boreholes in the Punden area. In Punden, the distance between residential areas and water sources is approximately 350 meters. In order to effectively regulate the collecting of water from the Punden for distribution to the neighborhood. Today’s conditions are quite risky because there are numerous wires running from the water supply to the residential area. Residents may be endangered by erratic cables.

The condition of borewells, water pipes and cables in the punden water source of Gunungsari Village


Source: PDPM ITS

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