Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
December 15, 2022 10:12

Strengthening Consolidation, Finnish Ambassador Visits ITS Campus

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In pursuit of the aspiration to become a World-Class University, ITS is actively expanding its collaboration with international networks based on science and technology, with a special emphasis on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To realize this goal, ITS warmly welcomed a visit from the Ambassador of Finland to Indonesia on Monday (12/12) to discuss collaboration opportunities, particularly in academic cooperation, programs with industry, and research in digital rehabilitation and communication technology.


ITS Rector, Prof Dr. Ir. Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng, explained that the main purpose of this visit was to continue the collaboration between ITS and Finland in the area of academic cooperation and research with industry. The meeting, held in the Meeting Room of the ITS Rectorate Building, also included delegations from Indosat Ooredoo’s Danabalan Amirthalingam, Nokia’s Ankhush Shrisvata, and KONE’s Adi Restuadi Pananrang. “It is truly an honor to collaborate with many outstanding individuals”, said Rector Ashari at the beginning of his opening speech.

Meanwhile, the Finnish Ambassador to Indonesia, Pekka Kaihilahti, expressed that as a representative of his country, he felt honored to assist in fostering collaboration with the best technology campus in Indonesia. “Despite the language differences between our two countries, it is an honor to collaborate with each other towards common goals,” he said.

During the visit, Assoc Prof Maria Anityasari PhD, Director of Global Partnerships at ITS, outlined the programs that would be implemented as a continuation of the collaboration between ITS and the visiting delegation, emphasizing their contributions to SDGs.

Firstly, the continuation of collaboration between the Directorate of Global Engagement at ITS and JAMK University of Applied Science in conducting research and test-beds for the DIRECT project and short-term training in digital rehabilitation, contributing to SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-being. “This project is planned to be funded by HETI-ABD,” said the faculty member from the Department of System and Industrial Engineering.

Maria also added that UN Pulse Finland is still considering its contribution to this initial program with JAMK. However, she expressed hope that Finland could contribute to ensuring the optimal and maximum realization of this planned outstanding program.

Furthermore, ITS, together with Business Finland, Nokia, KONE, Betolar, and Wapice, intends to initiate the Creativity and Innovation Day event. The event will feature various workshops, training sessions, and hackathons for students, contributing to SDG 4 – Quality Education. Additionally, capacity-building programs for staff will also be held, aligning with SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals. “The event is planned to take place next year,” she said.

Following ITS’s desire to enhance the credibility and capability of its academic community, a collaboration with the University of Oulu for a dual-degree program has been inaugurated. “This includes a 2+2 program in Telecommunication Engineering at the undergraduate level and a 1+1 program in Electrical Engineering, Informatics, and Information Systems,” she explained.

The Finnish Ambassador and all the delegates present during the visit at ITS welcomed these collaboration programs with open arms, acknowledging the crucial role they play in supporting academia-industry-government cooperation. However, Pekka emphasized that the innovation arising from this collaboration should be useful and have a positive impact on society. “Not only expanding connections and relations, but I hope this collaboration can provide meaningful benefits,” Pekka concluded.

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