Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
November 30, 2022 11:11

Brantas River Water Quality Monitoring Innovation

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The rapid growth of technology necessitates continued innovation. This time, three students from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)’s Department of Civil Infrastructure Engineering (DTIS) collaborated to bring innovation in the field of infrastructure and water resources technology thru an Internet of Things (IoT)-based water quality monitoring system. Rahma Dwi Nur Andini, Shella Anika Andamari, and Lina Rahmawati collaborated to develop a water quality monitoring system for the Brantas River. The case study indicated that industrial waste and local community waste are frequently discharged straight into the river from the Karang Pilang Bridge to the Jagir Water Gate. This has an impact on decreasing the water quality of the Brantas River, making it unsuitable for daily needs.

The monitoring system has two operational approaches. The first scheme involves the installation of sensors along the riverbank at the Karang Pilang Bridge and the Jagir Water Gate. The sensor will take river water quality data based on specified parameters such as pH, water turbidity, salt concentration, and temperature. The second scheme, which is a continuation of the first, is an early warning system. When the quality of the water surpasses the standard, an early warning will be issued to key stakeholders such as the Environmental Agency (DLH) and Jasa Tirta 1.

The monitoring results generate two streams of data, one for river management firms and one for the general public. Only river managers, such as Jasa Tirta, have access to complete data and a history of monitoring outcomes. Meanwhile, the public can view the findings of real-time water quality monitoring on a screen supplied by the location where the sensor is installed.


Source: ITS News (Edited)

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