Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
August 21, 2022 12:08

HMTL ITS Collaborates with Nol Sampah Surabaya Community in the Partnership Village Program

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Kampung Mitra HMTL ITS (Kammit) was held at Pacar Keling, Surabaya, by the Environmental Engineering Student Association (HMTL) of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). HMTL ITS collaborates with a non-governmental organization (NGO) named Nol Sampah Surabaya. HMTL ITS educates the public about greening, biopore manufacturers, and competitions through this community service project. Kammit is a community-based scientific application of the Department of Environmental Engineering. Furthermore, this event aims to improve the potential of villages in Surabaya and raise public awareness of the need for environmental protection. 

The theme of this year’s Kammit activity is greening. In line with this, greening is beneficial for conserving environmental conditions and mitigating natural disasters such as floods and landslides. Planting Family Medicinal Plants (Toga) was suggested by Kammit as one approach to greening. In addition to planting Toga, biopores can be used to maintain environmental conditions. 

Delivered by the Coordinator and Community Organizer of the Nol Sampah Surabaya Community, Hermawan Some, biopores are holes in cylindrical soil that are useful for overcoming waterlogging. Moreover, biopores can be used to produce organic compost. Hermawan noted that the major elements for biopore compost are home organic waste and leaves. Organic waste will be placed in the biopore hole and decompose naturally for three months before becoming compost. Not only providing mentoring, in the activity which was held for one month since July 31, biopore making and Toga planting were also carried out around Balai RW 12 of Kampung Pacar Keling.


Source: ITS News (Edited)

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