Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
May 06, 2020 08:05

renewable energy

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In moving towards the vision of becoming a sustainable and environmental friendly campus, as well as to realize the ITS Smart Eco Campus Program, ITS has a commitment to strive for energy efficiency and conservation by:
1. Implement energy efficiency programs by selecting and using energy-efficient and environmentally friendly electrical equipment;
2. Ensure that the lamp is only used in areas that is not exposed to enough sunlight;
3. Ensure tools with electricity are not used when there is no activity;
4. Encourage the installation of lights at strategic spots and does not reduce the function of lighting;
5. Controlling the use of air conditioning and maximizing the use of ventilation;
6. Maintaining the air conditioner temperature not too cold, enough at a temperature of 24-25 degrees Celsius;
7. Save energy use in operating the elevator only during peak hours and turning off the elevator after office hours are over;
8. Make an effective and efficient use of fuel oil for motor vehicles;
9. Encouraging the use of technology for energy efficiency;
10. Encouraging energy conservation efforts through the use of new and renewable energy for use on the ITS campus.

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