Workshop: Update the Information System Curriculum with IS2020

Sab, 18 Sep 2021
11:54 am
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*Workshop: Update the Information System Curriculum with IS2020*
_The *FIRST* IS2020 Curriculum Workshop in Indonesia_

The curriculum model used to develop, update, and assess IS (IS2010) programs is now nearly a decade old, and assessments of the curriculum itself show that its value is declining due to changing demands for technology and skills. In order to meet the needs of the industry, IS Disciplines must reveal its core in terms of a standardized curriculum to provide a foundation for developing their undergraduate or postgraduate programs that meet the demands of stakeholders.

*What will you get in this workshop*

1. A 3-hour long workshop session on updating the IS Curriculum
2. Understanding of curriculum trends moving towards the use of competency models
3. Knowledge to update faculty curriculum or personal career plans, in line with industry shift towards strong technical skills
4. Sharper perspectives on competencies associated with high-performing IS employees
5. Prepare your faculty for international standards/accreditation and start accepting foreign students
6. Insights from an expert working directly with the IS2020 task force team

Prof. Hannu Salmela, Deputy Chairman of the IS2020 Task Force

*Date and Place*
8 August 2021, 13.00 (GMT+7)
Online via Zoom


In addition to the Workshop, we also open registration for Non-Author participants. Non-Author participants can attend seminars other than workshops. Other seminars that can be attended, such as attending Keynote sessions and Parallel Paper Presentation sessions.

Non-Author Participants can register on the following page

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: (email) or +62-812-1679-2868 (Whatsapp or Telegram, for non-international participants)

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